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Seawalker | Helmet Diving in Cebu

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Helmet diving “Sea Walker“, which was born in Japan, has now spread all over the world and is becoming a staple activity in resort areas. This Seawalker can now be experienced in Cebu, Philippines . Originally Cebu is an island that developed from scuba diving. The transparency of the sea and the number of tropical fish are second to none. Everyone from small children to the elderly can participate in Sea Walker. Seawalker Helmet Diving. Seawalker Helmet Diving.

All it takes is a simple explanation of only 5 minutes! What the instructor should pay attention to in the water.   Next, board a motorboat and head to Seawalker’s diving point. Surrounded by many islands, the sea in Cebu is very calm. Even without a snorkel mask, you can clearly see the seabed with corals and tropical fish.

According to the instructions of the instructor, you will first wait in the sea up to shoulder height. People who enter the sea for the first time in a while may feel a little cold at first. However, the sea water temperature in Cebu is around 27 degrees throughout the year. Once in the water, you hardly feel the cold. Now relax. The instructor puts on the Seawalker helmet.

It’s a specially designed high-tech Seawalker helmet so your face doesn’t get wet at all. Of course, glasses and contacts are okay as they are. It’s okay for people who wear perfect makeup to go to the beach. And even though the bottom of the helmet is open, seawater never gets in. Why? The answer is easy! Even if the cup is turned upside down and submerged in water, the air inside remains the same.

This is a daily  tour activity. Subject to weather condition. Booking reservation must be 2 days before the tour. Price indicated does not include hotel pick up and drop off. We will give you direction on how to locate this tour location upon your booking confirmation. You may also want to take the hotel pick up and drop off option, please click the ‘Package’ + button to choose the type of vehicle for your transportation.

Price indicated is based on minimum of 2 persons.
This activity is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

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  • Feels like when an astronaut stands on the moon :).
  • Definitely exceed your expectations.
  • Never forget the excitement of being surrounded by tropical fish in 360 degrees.


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Seawalker | Helmet Diving in Cebu
Seawalker | Helmet Diving in Cebu

Arrival at the tour location.
Short briefing about the activity.
20 minutes under sea walking


  • 20 minutes under sea walking
  • Instructor Briefing
  • All that is not indicated.

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Please review our booking terms and condition before you confirm your booking.
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A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to process your booking.
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You have the option to pay the full amount or pay the required deposit at the time of your booking.
When will I pay the balance?
The service operator will contact you within 24 to 72 hours with the balance payment instructions if your booking is not yet fully paid.
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from ₱3,000.00 ₱2,700.00

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