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Kawasan Falls Adventure Private Tour


8 to 10 Hours

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Daily Tour

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Kawasan Falls South of Cebu are some of the most exciting activity you can find when you explore more about the Queen City of the South. Filled with excited the moment when you reach the river. You should be able to walk to rough terrains (approximately 30 minutes walk).  Cool down at Kawasan Falls after your tiresome road trip from Cebu. Kawasan has a three-layered waterfalls, one of the popular tourist destinations in the province. It is also just an hour away from Moalboal, which makes it an ideal nature side-trip. Kawasan has two main waterfalls that are both deep enough for swimming. The first set of falls has a height of over 40 meters, while the second set has a wider area with a height of 20 meters. There is a small third falls a few kilometers away from the second one but is rarely frequented by tourists.

The main barangay of Badian is the Poblacion, located in the center of the town. It is the only urban barangay, and the most populous of Badian. It contains the hospital and the marketplace where most of the trading takes place. Many vendors from all over town trade here particularly at weekends. Poblacion is where the local high school is located. Badian National High School (BNHS) is one of two high schools in Badian. This is also the larger of the two and many students come from neighboring towns to study here. The lower educational facility in Badian is the Badian Central Elementary School where all the younger children go to school.

Poblacion is also the location of the church of Santiago Apostle, whose feast day is celebrated each 25 July. Held together with the feast of Santiago Apostle is the Banig Festival, the town’s flagship festival, celebrating the town’s bed making industry.

This tour is subject to weather condition.  Lunch and entrance fees are not included not included in the price. Your tour coordinator will give you recommendations the best stop to eat for lunch

Price indicated is based on minimum of 3 persons. If your group is below 3 persons, you need to pay the whole amount.
If your group is more than 3, it will be discounted automatically upon check out that depends on how many persons in your group.
This activity is not recommended for infant under 2 years old.


Booking must be made 2 days before the tour.

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  • Kawasan Falls Adventure


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Kawasan Falls Adventure Private Tour
Kawasan Falls Adventure Private Tour

Meet and Greet
8 to 10 hours private tour
Mactan hotel departure must be 4.30 am
Cebu hotel departure must be 5 am


  • Private Tourist air-conditioned car/van
  • Hotel pick up and drop off within
  • Cebu City and Mactan | Lapu-Lapu City
  • Driver / Tour Coordinator / Facilitator
  • All that is not indicated.


Is there a refund for cancellation?
Please review our booking terms and condition before you confirm your booking.
Is there a deposit fee?
A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to process your booking.
What are Payment Options?
You have the option to pay the full amount or pay the required deposit at the time of your booking.
When will I pay the balance?
The service operator will contact you within 24 to 72 hours with the balance payment instructions if your booking is not yet fully paid.
- 3%
from ₱2,950 ₱2,862

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