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5 Days in Cebu Package Tour (Private Tour)


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5 Days in Cebu Package Tour

Queen City of the South –Β and the Seat of Christianity in the Philippines , Cebu is the country’s oldest city. Exploring Cebu City , one encounters a rich historic past. Cebuanos are extremely proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy which has endured through the centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu ’s shore. Time has been kind to Cebu . From Zubu, the busy trading port in 1521, it has evolved into a highly urbanized metropolitan center which now serves as focal point of growth and development in Southern Philippines.

  • This package is quoted based on 3 Star or Standard hotel category. Please do not expect luxury accommodation such as King size or big bed, hot water, swimming pool and complete toiletries. Some hotel may have, but mostly they do not have it. Should you wish to upgrade your hotel accommodation, you may do so by adding extra package cost located at the booking section.

Room sharing arrangements:
Double / Twin Room Sharing
Single supplements apply

Tour activities inclusions:
Twin City: Cebu City & Mactan Tour – 5 to 7 hours
Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Entrance fees
Private transportation &tourism accredited tour guide during the tour
Buffet lunch at local restaurant, 1 hr. Shopping at SM or Ayala – only if time permitted

Island Hopping / Picnic Tour – 5 to 7 hours
Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Island Entrance fees,
Private Motorized Boat Ride, Food attendant
Snorkel Sets: Mask, Fins, Snorkel & Life Jackets
Seafood BBQ with fruits: Mango, Banana & Pineapple

Bohol Day Tour From Cebu – Whole Day
Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Entrance fees
Private Transportation during the tour
Fast Ferry Ticket: Cebu – Bohol – Cebu
Buffet Lunch on board Loboc River Cruising

Kawasan Falls Adventure – 9 to 10 hours
Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Entrance fees
Private Transportation during the tour
Open Cottage, table and chairs
Lunch with 1 round of softdrink

Booking terms and conditions:
No refunds can be made in case your booking is cancelled for reasons beyond our control of such as caused
by forces of nature, like typhoon, earthquakes, airline or fast craft delays/cancelled trip, medical reasons and others.

Hotel accommodation is subject to availability upon booking confirmation.
Net Rates Valid Until Further Notice
Rates are subject to PEAK SEASON Surcharge and is SUBJECT to CHANGE without prior notice.

Top 10 Travel Tips:

1. Pack light = Packing light means more freedom and you can move easily and quickly when you travel.
2. Do not CHECK-IN any luggage if possible = After the transition from covid, everybody wants to travel. If you are lucky, you can stand by at the baggage claim crossing your fingers hoping that it did not travel to the wrong direction. If you are not, you will end up writing your ghost story when to meet your luggage again.
3. Carry a small backpack or suitcase = Check the airline handcary size requirements and reconfirm the carry on weight. Be sure to get the name of the person that reconfirms for your hand carry so you will have the name to spell out when somebody at the check-in counter will insist to check-in your luggage. Trust me, with my experience this summer, some groups went back home without meeting their checked-in luggage.
5. Take only what you need = This says it all πŸ™‚
6. Copies of your passport and important documents = Always email them to yourself for back
up purposes, you never know when you need it. You can always go to your email to get it.
7. Electronics, Medications and other super important stuff = Always have them in Your Carry- On suitcase/backpack. Like I said, you do not want to end up writing your ghost story when to meet your checked-in luggage.
8. Notify your bank/credit card company about your travel plans = Banks usually will put a hold on your card while you are overseas.
9. Book your flights early = The earlier you book, the cheaper deal you get.
10. Travel Aid Kit = It would be wise to bring first aid kit, it maybe not for you at least you can save a soul instantly πŸ™‚

Online Meeting with our Tour Expert and Trip Planner

Your trip is the most valuable thing that you will ever spend. Let our expert make your dream vacation a SUCCESS! Let us help you create a lifetime unforgettable experience by having a PRICELESS memories. We have our own hired dedicated Trip Planners and Tour Organizers available upon request.

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5 Days in Cebu, 5 Days in Cebu, 5 Days in Cebu

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  • βœ“ Mactan Shrine & Lapu-Lapu Monument
  • βœ“ Mactan Famous Guitar Factory
  • βœ“ Philippines Taoist Temple
  • βœ“ Heritage of Cebu Monument
  • βœ“ Yap – San Diego Ancestral House
  • βœ“ Magellan’s Cross
  • βœ“ Fort San Pedro
  • βœ“ Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino
  • βœ“ Oldest Colon Street (along the way )
  • βœ“ Fuente Osmena Circle (along the way )
  • βœ“ Capitol Site (along the way )
  • βœ“ Private Motorized Boat Ride
  • βœ“ Seafood BBQ with fruits: Mango, Banana & Pineapple
  • βœ“ Chocolate Hills
  • βœ“ Tarsier Encounter
  • βœ“ Baclayon Church
  • βœ“ Blood Compact Shrine
  • βœ“ Butterfly Sanctuary
  • βœ“ Hanging Bridge
  • βœ“ Man-Made Forest
  • βœ“ Python Snake Encounter
  • βœ“ Kawasan Falls
  • βœ“ South Countryside Viewing


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Day 01
Day 01

Tour timeline depends on the actual movement and will be indicated in your confirmed tour voucher.

* Pick up at the Airport
* Proceed to Twin City: Cebu City & Mactan Tour
* Drop off to the hotel after the tour

Day 02
Day 02

Tour timeline depends on the actual movement and will be indicated in your confirmed tour voucher.

* Bohol Day Tour from Cebu

Day 03
Day 03

Tour timeline depends on the actual movement and will be indicated in your confirmed tour voucher.

* Island Hopping / Picnic Tour

Day 04
Day 04

Tour timeline depends on the actual movement and will be indicated in your confirmed tour voucher.

* Kawasan Falls Adventure

Day 05
  Day 05

Tour timeline depends on the actual movement and will be indicated in your confirmed tour voucher.

* Pick Up at the Hotel
* Drop off to Airport


  • Mactan airport to hotel
  • Hotel to Mactan airport
  • 4 Nights hotel accommodation
  • 4x breakfast at the hotel, No dinner
  • 4x Lunch during the tour
  • Twin City: Cebu & Mactan tour
  • Island Hopping / Picnic Tour
  • Bohol Day Tour from Cebu
  • Kawasan Falls Adventure
  • Travel Insurance
  • Service TIP
  • All that is not indicated on the tour inclusions.


Is there a refund for cancellation?
Please review our booking terms and condition before you confirm your booking.
Is there a deposit fee?
A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to process your booking.
What are Payment Options?
You have the option to pay the full amount or pay the required deposit at the time of your booking.
When will I pay the balance?
The service operator will contact you within 24 to 72 hours with the balance payment instructions if your booking is not yet fully paid.
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