Private Aerial Tours

Private Aerial Tours in Cebu

Private Aerial Tours in Cebu

Chartering private aircraft enables executives and senior management to fulfill strict schedules and often complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day. We provide aircraft charters to business professionals, to maximize their time efficiency. Travelling by private aircraft is the most comfortable, safe and secure way of flying  with a Quality of Air Charter Private aircraft are also used for Vacation Trips, allowing you, your family and friends to travel in privacy, luxury and comfort .

Fly a short trip for a weekend get away with your BARKADA, or a two week holiday in the Siargao, or to Discover the wonderful island of Bantayan Cebu. And to Experience a relaxing vacation at Boracay Island, we will always find the most suitable private aircraft or a helicopter to make sure that you and your loved ones arrive safely and without hassle.

Offers Private Aircraft Charter Flights for INTER ISLAND DESTINATION , AERIAL TOURS and HELICOPTER Rentals within the PHILIPPINES.
Access to private terminals means you avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and the queues through security.



❯ 100% payment required prior to flight date/take-off from origin
❯ Final billing shall be based on actual flight time/aircraft usage
❯ All flight cancellations shall be made at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to flight date
❯ Cancellations made within 48 hours of flight date shall be charged a cancellation fee of PHP 25,000.00
❯ Please be guided that we are using a General Aviation Aircraft (which is a Light aircraft and has its Weather Navigation Limitations. There will be a subject that the aircraft cannot fly into some bad weather conditions but airlines can still fly for they have a bigger aircraft ratio flying into bad weather.
❯ In case of inclement weather, flight can be re-schedule on the next day.
❯ In case the customer refuses to be re-schedule, 75% refund of the payment will be given.
❯ We will not be responsible for any unutilized confirmed booking/payment for reasons beyond our control of such as forces by nature, medical conditions and other cancellations due to the aircraft limitation of flying into bad weather condition.
❯ Pilot shall be in command at all times. He may abort or deviate any flight, refuse to accept
passenger’s cargo in the interest of safety. We have the right to charge the client of
actual flight time / waiting time costs and other corresponding charges incurred during an
aborted or diverted flight due to reasons beyond its control.

* * PLEASE be guided that upon your booking confirmation, you have agreed to our Terms and Condition. **

Private Aircraft Charter | Helicopter Charter

Booking a major trip is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. We understand. That’s why we have live Travel Experts here to take care of your every need, making your trip stress-free & amazing.
A Corporate Traveler or Tourist , KR Travel And Tours can provide helicopter, private Fix Wing Aircraft charter flights . We also offer medical evacuation flights for sick and injured patients.

Why Travel Charter?

Do you want to travel in a Luxury Plane that is exclusively your own Flight?
Are you sick and tired of the long lines in the Airport Terminals that would just only add to your stress
Fly with us with our Professional Licensed Commercial Pilot and travel to any destination, Where you Want, When you Want.

Convention Planners, Business Professionals, Families and Foreign Tourist  like to choose KR Travel And Tours because with us you can forget about the hassle in Airport Terminals, Delayed Flights, Uncomfortable Seats, or being left in your flight.

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Your trip is the most valuable thing that you will ever spend. Let our expert make your dream vacation a SUCCESS! Let us help you create a lifetime unforgettable experience by having a PRICELESS memories. We have our own hired dedicated Trip Planners and Tour Organizers available upon request.

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