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Danao is in the Metro Cebu area and is approximately 33 kilometres (21 mi) from Cebu City. It is bordered on the north by Carmen, on the west by Asturias, on the south by Compostela and to the east by the Camotes Sea.

The area was a part of the Cebuano Kingdom of Nahalin, ruled by Sri Ukob, one of the sons of Sri Lumay, the ruler and founder of the Rajahnate of Cebu, before the conquest of Cebu by the Spanish starting in 1565. In 1570, it became an ecomienda of unknown Spanish officials, until the 18th century.[citation needed] Danao was made a parish by the Recollects in 1609, and in 1773, it officially became a municipality.In 1961, a national charter was passed to convert it into a city.

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